AD/ADHD Coaching

AD/ADHD Coaching and Advice


If you suffer from AD/ADHD or know someone who does, you know how hard it can be to manage the condition. People with AD/HD frequently feel the impact of their disorder in all areas of their life. Many benefit from the individualized attention of a qualified coach who can help keep them on track to success.

As their coach, your task is to help improve their focus and concentration. This is a major part of the problem for people with this condition.  Some duties you might perform include setting up reminders to keep the person on task. As well as, helping them deal with time management, or encouraging a proactive approach toward relationships. You must always try to ensure they understand the importance of everything you’re doing. They will need to learn ways to cope when you’re not available.

ADHD Coaching

In addition to basic coaching credentials, a coach who wants to specialize in this area should have knowledge in this field. AD/HD is a very complex and sensitive issue that most clients will not feel comfortable consulting just anyone about. Ideally, you’ll have some kind of medical or psychological background that will lend authority to your advice. You could also get certified by the ADHD Coach Institute, a move that proves you’re really serious about providing the specialized help this population needs.

In many cases, clients may actually feel more comfortable confiding in someone outside of the medical establishment due to negative past experiences.  Or, they just need some advice on how to deal with a current parental situation Whether you choose this approach or the more traditional one all depends on the approach you want to take and how you want to market yourself.