Addiction Coaching

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Overcoming an addiction is incredibly difficult to do and so is coaching someone through that process. Addiction coaching is one of the fastest-growing specialty coaching fields around and is extremely rewarding. Especially, when you see the difference that your hard work has made in your clients’ lives.

For the most part, your job is to help your clients stay on track to break their addiction-feeding habits. While you cannot directly intervene in your clients’ decisions, you can proactively reinforce their willpower. You do this by doing things like reminding them why they chose to seek your help in the first place, and how important it is to their own well-being and that of their loved ones that they break out of the negative cycle they’ve become stuck in. It also helps to take stock of your client’s progress with them and both point out when they hit significant milestones and commend them for doing so. This creates a sense of achievement and progression that makes it easier to stick with the plan – after all, it’s proof that everything is working out.

Managing the cycle of addiction

Doing your best to safeguard your client from their own impaired judgement while the process of breaking the addiction is still ongoing. Much of the cycle of addiction is the result of chemical reactions in the brain. The addict has little control, making them extremely susceptible to self-sabotage despite their best efforts. You may use measures like advising them to cut up their credit cards, stop going to locations like malls or casinos that present them with too many temptations or even stop to associate with certain people in their lives who spur their destructive habits. Doing this gives your clients the necessary foundations for success by ensuring that their lives remain as stable as possible and that the damage that any relapses can cause is minimal.

People in the thralls of addiction are exceptionally stubborn and hard to deal with. A good addiction coach is already ready for this. They know not to take any ill temper or reluctance personally. Because it’s such an intense specialty, extra training from institutions such as the International Association of Professional Recovery Coaches or the Addictions Academy is extremely helpful. These certifications will help you build the understanding and resilience you need to truly be of help to a person suffering from addiction.

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