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Landing a successful career can be tricky these days.

If you’ve done it yourself, you may not realize that you’ve acquired a valuable skill set in the process. Aside from whatever specific functions you perform for your job, you are also a job search expert. As a coach, you put that knowledge into a workable plan for others to follow and build your own career.  

People with experience in the recruitment industry tend to make great coaches since they have a familiarity with the requirements of the working world. Similarly, people who have been responsible for hiring decisions at some point also do well in this job. They have unique insight into what is required. Prior searching knowledge will let you pinpoint the best targets for skill improvement to get the results your client wants. This includes communication, organization, punctuality, persuasion and networking skill techniques. You may also work with them on committing to things like resume building and acquiring education. Especially, if those things become roadblocks that keep the client from achieving their goals.

One of the nice things about this specialization is that you’re able to work with all kinds of people. Career and dissatisfaction are top among the most widespread problems people face. Estimates say that almost half of all workers worldwide are are unhappy in their jobs.

This is a statistic that good coaching could certainly improve.

In order to maximize their credibility, coaches should consider acquiring credentials, such as the Career Coach Certificate from the International Association of Professions Career College. There are plenty of fraudulent business people out there who prey on those trying to improve their lot in life. Having this as a credential is an invaluable signal to the client that you aren’t one of them.

As the job market continues to change rapidly every year, career coaching is sure to be in even greater demand, providing an answer to many people’s most intimidating problem.