Divorce Coaching

Divorce Coaching

We all know someone who is divorced or is in the process of it. As a result, most of us have probably seen the damage that can be done when things go wrong. All it takes is a poorly-phrased comment or a request that one party sees as unfair to derail the entire proceeding. If this happens, it becomes far less likely that both parties will be satisfied with the final outcome. Or worse, a long drawn out battle ensues.  This can be stressful for everyone involved.

Divorce Counselling

If you’ve ever seen a situation like that quickly deteriorate and wish you could step in and help, divorce coaching might be the field for you. Divorce coaches seek to keep separation agreements civil and fair. They help clients to go through this difficult time with their financial security, emotional well-being, and relationships intact.

Teaching adults to fight fair is a huge part of the job

It is often hard for people to be civil to one another if they are feeling betrayed, hurt or angry.  A huge part of the job focuses on helping each party to be able to put feelings aside long enough to make decisions.

To do this, you’ll need to work on the ways in which your clients communicate. Oddly, one of the leading causes of divorce is poor communication between the spouses.  The coach’s job, then, is to compensate for that weakness by breaking the client’s destructive patterns. Above all, getting them to see things from the perspective of their spouse or lawyer, and preparing them to advocate for themselves in a respectful and productive manner. When a person is open and honest in this way, the process of divorce can be made much less damaging.

Mediation Skills are a Valuable Asset

Divorce coaches should have excellent mediation skills and a talent for remaining impartial under pressure. This is one instance in which encouraging too much self-interest in your client could easily backfire.  Those who have gone through Certified Divorce Coach training or other similar programs can be counted on to have these skills, so that’s something clients tend to look for when choosing the coach they want to work with.