Family Coaching

Family Coaching

Family can be both a blessing and a curse. The love and support of family members can be invaluable in times of need. However, when things go sour, individuals can wind up with truly toxic feelings toward people they can’t escape. Family coaching aims to help the client learn what it takes to keep the family running harmoniously.

Sometimes, all your clients will really need is a little reassurance. They’ll appeal to your expertise and simply ask if what is happening  in your life is normal. Some things, like a teenager’s mood swings, cannot be managed and a client may just need to talk until it passes. In these cases, it can be very comforting for many people just to know they aren’t alone. Keeping this in mind can help clients to keep calm in moments of tension. They may even advise others to do the same, minimizing the stress caused by things that can’t be changed.

Families are strong resources

The client may be facing an atypical and troublesome situation. In this case, you’ll need to work a little harder to truly help them. You’ll need to teach them things like how to defuse a situation and how to ask the right questions to figure out what is really going on. As well as, how to promote relationships that make people more tolerant of each other and less likely to fight. Because families involve many people all interacting in complex ways, there’s little that can be done to impact the situation. However, because members of a family are generally deeply invested in each other’s welfare, appealing to everyone’s better nature can produce great results.

Family coaching is serious work. Due to the importance of what you’re trying to accomplish, many clients won’t even consider a coach with no credentials. Therefore, it’s best to get some additional training in this area before trying to break into the business. The Academy for Family Coach Training is affiliated with the International Coach Federation. It offers both general and youth-specific family – coaching courses. Given the extra stresses involved with having a teenager in the house, it may be worthwhile to take both courses to get an extra edge in dealing with these common problems.