Life Coaching

Life Coaching

Orienting oneself through life is a difficult and lifelong process, and it’s always easier with a little help. Life coaching is about getting people to explore their true thoughts, feelings, and desires without judging them.  Then structure a plan that will help them to achieve their life goals. It can be a very fulfilling experience to be part of an individual’s personal journey in this way.

When you take on a new client as a life coach, the first thing you must do is get to know your clients. This will help you to find a suitable general direction to point them toward. Some people feel most comfortable with traditional paths like focusing on their family or career. Others might need a more thorough search to discover what really speaks to them. It’s up to you to show them the potential of devoting themselves to something like non-profit work, conservation efforts, political action, or even a simple hobby they’ve always wanted to put more of themselves into.

Life Coaching is helping others

While they may not all be equally socially sanctioned, any of these things can be a person’s guiding purpose; all that matters is that that person can live happy and productive life. Whatever it is that they respond to, that area becomes the new basis on which you can build your advice. From there, you can help them narrow down their focus to some actionable items they can try out immediately, letting them confirm whether or not they still feel drawn to that direction when it’s no longer just a thought. If they do, you can refine the plan even further to give the client a more concrete path to follow into the future.

Due to the specialty’s status as the ‘default’ coaching option, life coach credentials are plentiful. While some are better than others, they are generally of high quality as well. For the sake of standardization and recognition, your best bet is probably the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching’s Certified Life Coach program. There are many other options, though, and any of them can help you become a better, more well-rounded guide to your clients.