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Marketing is a tricky art, and if you’ve honed your skill in that field, you likely already know how lucrative it can be. However, it can also be very impersonal, and some people yearn for the intimacy of working one-on-one with another person. If you’d like to try applying your marketing skills on a smaller scale, the field of marketing coaching might be right for you.

Start Up Support

Many people with small businesses (often sole proprietorships with only the owner on the payroll) have trouble finding a foothold in the market. This is especially true when they are just starting up. They may not know where to go to find help or become overwhelmed that they lose focus. Often, they are simply tired of being bombarded with too much information that they fail to sort it out.  When you’re a marketing coach, you’ll be taking an active hand in shaping their approach to marketing. Helping them to sort out what is necessary and not necessary for their marketing efforts. Not only will you get to identify immediate problems, (the ideal job for problem solvers) but you will also get to use and share your creative methods.

Not to mention, guiding people towards success has a personally rewarding aspect to it. It makes you feel good!


Marketing coaches work with larger businesses, but this position is usually filled by a consultant. However, a marketing coach can work alongside a consultant for a more hands-on approach. In such cases, the coach usually works with the company’s existing marketing and development team to provide support and direction. It differs from consulting because you are trying to steer the efforts of others toward achieving results. In essence, you are helping them to find practical ways to implement the strategies proposed by the consultant.

Open communication between development departments is a good example of where a marketing coach would be beneficial to a large business.

A coach should have proven business experience, preferably with a marketing focus – a degree in the field is an even more attractive asset. It’s also highly advisable to build your online presence as much as possible. If they can find you online, your clients will correctly infer that you must know what you’re doing. As far as coaching-specific marketing training, programs like the Hubspot Certification provide specific training for this specialty as well.