NLP Coaching

NLP Coaching

NLP is for individuals seeking a more scientific approach to organizing their life. The concept considers that individuals can exert control over their own reality by altering the way in which they talk and think about life. There is no such thing as an objective reality in the context of it; every individual’s conscious and unconscious decisions regarding how they process sensory information fundamentally changes their experience. Thus, taking a more active role in guiding those decisions can allow us to manipulate the outcomes of our lives. Done correctly,  it can help a person reach a more positive state of mind and achieve their professed goals. This, of course, means that people who can understand this dense concept and apply it effectively can market these skills as a professional NLP coach.

For strong willed people only

If you’re considering entering this field, it’s important to remember that patience and good teaching skills are crucial. When coaching, your task is to make NLP understandable to your client so that they can use it to their own advantage. This means breaking the material down carefully and taking each step slowly, letting the client experience the process of NLP rather than simply being lectured about it. The concept involves a lot of scientific words and phrasing. Clients may struggle to wrap their heads around it.

An NLP coach must also act as an overseer to ensure that clients do not unwittingly sabotage their own training. Thinking too analytically about the practice will result in the client getting caught up in irrelevant minutiae. You should know when it’s appropriate to divert clients’ attention from the specifics of the process and get them to reapply it to an earnest attempt at action. After all, their will is a central part of what makes it work. A client who hesitates will never achieve the same results as a client who abandons their reservations. These are all things you will learn in the process of becoming a certified NLP Practitioner.

There are certainly easier coaching specialties to take up such as ADHD, Midlife and Divorce Coaching than NLP. However, specialization in this field can provide a unique challenge to people who have more cerebral style of coaching.