Performance Coaching

Performance Coach


Some people excel at actually performing a task, and others excel at helping people to do that task better. If your strengths lie closer to the latter, you may be an excellent fit for work as a performance coach.

Performance coaches are hired by all kinds of individuals, including athletes, musicians, and actors. Although your knowledge base might occasionally overlap with the work your client is doing, it doesn’t always. The context within which you work can vary a great deal depending on your client base. This keeps things interesting and challenging. 

Knowledge is power

Technical knowledge in this field is secondary to the process of empowerment through goal setting, improving focus and streamlining techniques. While you should have some experience in the same general realm as a specialty your coaching in, performance coaching is quite broad. 

For example, you should avoid taking athletes for clients if you’ve never played sports yourself. You probably won’t know what goals and benchmarks are appropriate.  However, if you are a professional boxer, you might understand how to apply performance metrics to other sports.

Personality Matters

Managers (as well as tutors, teachers, personal trainers, and any other professionals who work to bring out the best results people are capable of) have a lot of transferable skills to apply to the area of coaching. In fact, anyone with an encouraging and supportive personality can excel in this field. Leaders, self-improvement coaches, and personal trainers. A performance coach’s work is client-focused. Someone who is easy to get along with is a particularly good candidate for this type of employment.

Coaching in this field also requires a person to pay special attention to safety protocols. You want your clients to succeed, but you want that to happen in the context of a balanced, healthy lifestyle. And, not expose them to unnecessary risk. Try to scale your expectations gradually in accordance with the actual improvement you’re seeing. Learn to recognize when you’ve pushed your client too far – their physical and mental health depends on it.

Coaches can also further prove their competency by acquiring certification from a performance coaching program like those offered at This can be especially helpful in attracting clients. Performance coaching can be a somewhat of a nebulous field, certification provides reassurance that you can do the job.