Relationships Coaching

Relationship Coaching

Couples fight! Some take conflicts that would be minor disagreements and routinely turn them into explosive battles.  Others can’t seem to spend any time together. In some cases, one or both partners might have a wandering eye. These are very toxic and troubling signs of a relationship in crisis. If the couple is determined to stay together, these issues need to be dealt with.

Relationship coaching helps couples to understand these warning signs and helps them to deal with them if they arise. The bulk of the work involves conversing with the client to find out how the relationship usually works and what is going wrong. The coach can model different communication techniques to give the client the tools to work through the conflict. Failure could result in an unwanted divorce for your clients.

Relationships almost always start and end with “I love You.”

To be a good relationship coach, you should be analytical. You need to figure out what’s probably going on between the couple. But you must be compassionate enough to give everyone the benefit of doubt. Because they will almost never get to hear both sides of the story, relationship coaches are almost always working with incomplete information. Further, the client themselves will rarely know exactly why things are going awry. You should also be very open to difference and diversity.

Relationships are a very personal subject, and everyone’s is a little bit different. Your task is to get your clients feeling that their relationship is functioning properly and progressing at a pace they are comfortable with. You want to be careful not to erase the uniqueness of a couple’s interactions or imply that they are too boring. (Unless of course, either trait is actually causing the strife in the relationship).

If you want to obtain a relationship coaching credential, you have a plethora of options for training. Two of the best ones available to you are the Relationship Coaching Specialist program offered through the Institute for Life Coach Training and the Certified Relationship Coach Training Program offered through the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching.