Retirement Coaching

Retirement Coaching

For some people, there is nothing scarier than the idea of declaring themselves ‘retired.’ At the same time, though, most people cannot continue working indefinitely as their bodies (and minds) become frail with age. A retirement coach helps older people become more comfortable with the idea of their new role in society.  And, shows them ways to embrace the change rather than fight against it.

Coaching in this specialty makes more intuitive sense when you’re older yourself. These issues will be on your mind and your clients know this. However, age is nowhere near as important as whether or not you live a well-rounded, active life. A common fear of retirees is that they will lose relevance when they are not working, becoming incredibly bored and lose contact with the people around them. 

This apprehension is obviously misguided.

Many people live rich, extremely satisfying lives that do not involve work. In fact, the absence of work opens up many opportunities that would otherwise be closed off. Retired people can travel the world, take up many new hobbies, start volunteering, provide day care for their grandchildren, or any number of other fulfilling things. If you’ve done some of these things yourself, you’re living proof that it can be done. Being able to tell your clients about the many wonderful experiences you’ve had will open them up to the wide world of possibilities in front of them.

This specialty is growing in popularity due to the rapidly aging Baby Boomer demographic. They will eventually comprise the largest population of senior citizens ever seen in modern history. This means that many people are trying to become established in the specialty while it’s still gaining momentum. But, here aren’t enough specific retirement coach training programs out there yet to meet the demand. The retirement coaching course from Retirement Options is affiliated with the International Coach Federation. It is the next-best thing to look into while the certification market for this specialty catches up. It will more than suffice for coaches who want to begin practicing as soon as possible.