Sexuality Coaching

Sexuality Coaching

Sexuality is a part of everyone’s lives. It’s important for people to feel knowledgeable and in control of theirs. Sexuality coaches help people to examine, master and enjoy this natural extension of themselves.

The role of a sexuality coach can be one of two things, exploration or examination of a client’s sexual preferences.

The most common reason for seeking this kind of coaching is excessive sexual inhibition. The client wants to take steps in order to remedy this in order to have a fulfilling sex life. For this kind of client, you want to promote sexual exploration by providing encouragement and resources to broaden their sexual horizons. As well as, to look into the reasons behind the trouble. Positivity and discovery are crucial to this kind of coaching.

Sometimes, though, you might also get clients who go too far in the other direction. These are people who act on sexual impulses regardless of the outcome. (Impulses to cheat on their partner, for example, or an inability to commit in the first place).

You must prepare yourself to take on a variety of clients.

A sexuality coach is there to provide support, guidance, and validation. For a relationship to function properly, the client must feel wholly accepted regardless of their sexual inclinations. You will encounter some things that you won’t see coming or necessarily agree with. You must be comfortable with that. Unless a client is doing something illegal harmful to others, you need to support and encourage them as much as possible.

Many sexuality coaches are relationships coaches. They are considered separate, however, and you don’t need to offer services in both fields if you prefer that. Many clients who also think of love and sex as very disparate concepts will probably be grateful for your implied willingness to deal with each issue on its own terms. As for specific sexuality coach credentials, you might consider looking into Sex Coach U. It’s the training program for the World Association of Sex Coaches. This is the only international organization for sexuality coaching and considered the leading authority in the field. The training they provide is a great way to get started coaching people into better and more fulfilling sex lives.