Small Business Coaching

Small Business Coaching

The idea of starting up your own business is more popular than ever. It’s no longer the sole professional focus of a person. It is estimated that 12-25% of people with full-time jobs are running a side business.  This number is even higher with younger people.

Unsurprisingly, given the small-scale nature of the concept, entrepreneurialism is all about the individual. Businesses usually start off as sole proprietorships. If the owner is lucky enough to have the funding to bring others on board immediately, it won’t matter unless they are at the top of their game. Success in this arena requires vision, strategy, and most of all, persistence. Small business coaching helps clients develop and assert these qualities to achieve goals.

A small business coach is someone who helps clients with the demands and pressures of running an enterprise.

No matter how small a business is, the challenges that running it brings are almost always significantly different from anything that the uninitiated have faced. As a coach, you might help your clients sort out strategies for managing their own deadlines or dealing with customers. You may also suggest better ways in which to keep on top of all the administrative work that business requires. Or, even help get them the actual business concept out of their head and into reality.

While you should be handling little to none of the actual hands-on work involved in establishing and running the business, you should still know what a successful business looks like and what goes into its operation. You need to be able to course-correct for your clients when you see them going astray or losing their drive, although that will hopefully be needed very infrequently. You can get the general background knowledge you need by enrolling in a business coaching training program. The Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching’s Business Coaching Training Program focuses on teaching entrepreneurship skills. Like most of iPEC courses, it has a reputation for being one of the best educational experiences out there.