Transition Coaching

Transition Coaching

Human lives are filled with “ups and downs,” and rapid changes that can make it difficult to navigate alone. A transition coach provides support and structure to people who are at risk of becoming overwhelmed by this turbulence.

Moving Forward

This kind of coaching strives to help people through periods of stressful change. There are many life events that could have prompted the need for such guidance. These range from the expected (entering the workforce, having a child, retirement) to the unexpected (divorce, illness, major career changes). You’ll assist your client in coming to terms with the reality of what is happening. As well as, prompt them to start thinking of the future instead of the past. Success happens when they start to look forward to their new life or lifestyle.

If you choose to enter this specialty, you should be open to working with all types of clients. The nature of the problem you will be dealing with encompasses so many possible situations. You want to develop a reputation as someone to whom anyone can turn to. Doing so will not only help you better serve your clients, but it will also probably get more interest in your services.

The open-ended nature of a transition coach’s work also makes having proper credentials imperative.  The Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching offers an internationally-recognized transition coach program that will give you a good grounding in the theory behind this specialty area and ensure that your clients know they can have confidence in your skills.